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Norg AI offers the most human-like AI chat companion experience available, combining advanced natural language processing with a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Free strategy and onboarding session for new customers!

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Unified Data Integration

Unified Data Integration

Seamlessly train your chatbot on diverse data sources for comprehensive knowledge and responsiveness.

Tailored Brand Experience

Tailored Brand Experience

Customise your chatbot's appearance, tone, and interactions to seamlessly align with your brand identity.

White Label Branding

White-Label Branding

Present a cohesive brand experience to your customers with your logo and design elements front and centre.

Australian Data Sovereignty

Australian Data Sovereignty

Ensure your data remains secure with robust encryption and access controls in our Sydney and Melbourne data centres.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Maintain peak chatbot performance with automatic retraining on your latest data, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Advanced Ai Models

Advanced AI Models

Leverage the power of industry-leading AI from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Llama, tailored to your specific needs.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Engage your customers in their preferred language, even if your data is multilingual.

Conversational Classification

Conversational Classification

Proprietary conversational flow that adapts the prompt based on the user's question. We believe it is truly best in class.

Product Catalogue Integration

Product Catalogue Integration

Dynamically connect your chatbot to your product catalogue, effortlessly showcasing and promoting your offerings. Changes in your catalogue automatically sync with the chatbot for real-time accuracy.

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Case Study

Magnium Australia

Magnium Australia streamlined their inquiry management process with Norg, resulting in over 1000 resolved tickets, increased staff efficiency, and improved communication with stakeholders.


Inquiries Resolved


Resolution Rate



Case Study

Cricket For All

Cricket For All boosted their website conversions 4x, increased average order value by 22%, and more than doubled overall revenue by implementing Norg to streamline customer support and empower staff with essential sales information.


More Conversions


Increase in AOV (Average Order Value)


Revenue Increase